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Villa Magurská

A city villa in a wider centre, a typological experiment. Emphasis on sunlit shaded green terraces, and street vistas. East- and west-facing layouts with deep vistas.

On the terrace, the receding mass of a solar ziggurat is modularly added to the room with the terrace in front of it, on the roof of the lower apartment room. The gradual retreat of the mass in the floor plan and in the section forms perfectly shaded residential terraces lined with a flower barrier. The comfort of the terraces is individually complemented by a system of pergolas, awnings, trellises, shelves, and benches. An additional program is a rentable space on the street parterre, and a community terrace on the top roof.



Location: Bratislava, Kramáre

Authors: Emanuel Zatlukaj, Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Imro Vaško

Collaboration: Lucia Barančoková

Study: 2017