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The aim of the Gansberg project was to create an urban structure suitable for the location of Koliba. The structure of three low-rise residential homes built into the terrain connects to the existing neighbouring residential and family houses as well as to the sloping character of the area. The actual arrangement of the villa houses on the property enabled the relocation of necessary roads alongside the boundary of the area, and large areas of greenery were created for the recreation and relaxation of the inhabitants, as well as front gardens for the ground-level flats.

The dominant architectonic expressions are the created horizontally folded protruding corners, which optically divide the mass along the floors. Among these horizontal elements, solid surfaces alternate with solitary window fillings, which are designed for the entire height of the floor, complemented by embedded loggias. Extended horizontal cornices create a natural shade during the summer for the proposed window glazing. The architecture is completed by the fillings of the railings of loggias and terraces, the structure of which can be chosen by the future owners. Another architecturally complementing expression is the greenery, which will be integrated into loggias and terraces through wooden flower pots and exterior green walls that are a fixed part of the building. The wooden flower pots also perform an additional function: they are fitted with outdoor air conditioning units.


3 separate blocks of flats

50 one to five room flats

87 parking spaces



Location: Bratislava, Koliba, Jeséniova street

Investor: VILY KOLIBA, s.r.o.

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Martina K. Matušová,  Imrich Vaško, Emanuel Zatlukaj

Cooperation: Miroslava Šišková, Martin Plošický, Daniela Kopčáková, Adam Jurga

Study and project: 2016

Realization: 2017 – 2019