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The concept of the design of the Community Centre in Nitrianske Pravno (DKNP) is based on the effort to adapt the urban and architectural ambitions of the competition to the scale, character, significance and economic possibilities of the location in its present state by employing current urban, construction, building and design procedures. The proposed design offers the creation of diverse cultural, sports, leisure and also new business activities that could significantly increase the importance of the village itself in the given region. The key aim of the authors is to preserve the monumental scale of the original historic square with its dominant element, the old town hall, as well as the surrounding structure of the burgher housing. All proposed architectural and urban interventions respect the original traces of development arising from the history of the village. The new design of DKNP is located on the site of the former hall extensions behind the town hall and its architecture is reminiscent of the typology of agricultural and industrial large-scale buildings.



Location: Kultúrny dom Nitrianske Pravno

Investor: mesto Nitrianske Pravno

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Imro Vaško, Zuzana Capková, Oto Nováček, Alexander Topilín, Katarína Siváková

Competition: 2017