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The main principle of the design was to create a more attractive presentation of archaeological finds with an explanation of the meaning and context of the excavation understandable for lay people. A grassy area, rising as a mound, created a space for a relaxation zone and a tribune. The area beneath the mound, which functions as a natural amphitheatre, is a suitable place for programs and performances in the spirit of Ancient Rome.

Because the plot and adjoining surroundings are not yet thoroughly explored and there is still the possibility of newly excavated finds, the main building was designed as a levitating mass over the terrain. This does not interfere with the optical contact of the area with a floodplain forest that is retained through the view underneath and through the glass façade of the building itself. Access to the main building is through an exterior ramp from the outer side of the area alongside the boundary wall. On the north-west side, the area is enclosed by an exterior walkway that closes the indoor atrium with excavations between the grass tribune and the main building. Within the frame of a possible phased approach, a viewing tower was designed, which also fulfils the function of a landmark.



Location:  Bratislava-Rusovce

Investor: City district Bratislava-Rusovce

Authors: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šebo, Mgr. arch. Igor Lichý,

Ing. arch. Emanuel Zatlukaj, Ing. arch. Martina Matušová

Contest: 2013 – 7th place in the contest