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Terraced houses Záhorská

The architectural solution of the designed family houses has the character of terraced housing. The chosen floor plan and expressive scale correspond to the surrounding housing as well as the character of the city district.

The design of the family houses is based on current demands for high-quality, modern housing. With this typological housing, one can of course expect consistent logic and simplicity in its structure as well as in its construction. The houses are attractive due to the overall division of materials and colouring.

The external shape of the buildings is based on a combination of simple rectangular materials and a sloped mono-pitched roof. Revitalization and refinement of the individual materials is achieved via areas of façade cladding, plaster of contrasting colouring, and placement of windows, entrances, glazed areas, etc. The architectural layout provides space for additional green areas.

Number of floors above ground: 2
Total number of family houses: 24



Location: Záhorská Bystrica

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Nora Vranová

Collaboration: Lucia Barančoková, Pavol Macko, Imrich Vaško

Study and project: 2018

Implementation: 2020 – 2021