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The ground floor of the Wallenrod is characterized by the theming of the literary reminder of the romantic hero of the novel by the Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz on the walls of the entrance to the building and with the monumental spatial tectonic-structural lettrism of the letter “W”. A current intervention in the building and the street is also the emergence of a new urban typology of the urban commercial space of the interior of the ITB Showroom. The developer and owner of the building have transformed the original café space into a gallery where he offers, exhibits presents, and sells new apartments in his new residential projects. This new commercial phenomenon demands and seeks new forms of architectural design. The architects have created a clean minimalist void space with white walls, ceilings, and floor, acknowledged technological wiring, air conditioning, acoustic panels, and lighting, which in its aesthetics and culture of experience follows the typology of modern art galleries. In an elegant space, the visitor and prospective property buyer can focus on the experience of the information conveyed by the architectural models of the residential buildings and ensembles on display, uninterrupted by any other distractions. Apart from the models on display, the white space of the Showroom is architecturalised only by the reception desk and the illuminated logo of the developer, a monumental interior sofa for the clients, and the client rooms of the dealers, who sit behind large glass walls. The transparency, discretion, and elegance of the showroom and salesroom suggest the user culture and professional quality of the architecture being showcased and sold for a contemporary of the third decade of the third millennium.



Location: Mickiewiczova, Bratislava

Investor: ITB Development

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Imrich Vaško, Alica Danielová, Aleš Hradecký

Study and project: 2020 – 2021

Realization: 2021