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Nový Háj flexibly reflects the present in the language of the current architecture. An advantage of the project is its internal and external flexibility, which allows the adaptation of a wide range of individual requirements. Home-owners thus become co-authors of the building’s architecture.

The mass of the building consists of two blocks and a base. Their proportions, in addition to the suitable layout depth of the interior spaces, were also influenced by the effort to achieve an appropriate size within the street space.
The individual approach to clients allowed for variable locations of kitchens, their interconnection or separation from the living room, various positions and depths of the loggias and balconies, various dimensions, shapes and arrangements of the window openings. This internal flexibility has been conceptually transferred to the façade, which is composed freely and most irregularly, making it light and dynamic.
The colour of the loggias is based on the assumption that the loggia is a continuation of the interior of the flat and therefore their individualization by the owners is permissible.
The design of the parterre reflects the risk of advertising smog and graffiti, and is designed to be able to absorb insensitive ads and to allow graffiti to be cleaned quickly and inexpensively.


2 nine-floor buildings with 4 to 6 flats at each level

9th floor: penthouses with terraces

Roof of the base: flats and studios with residential front gardens

2 below ground floors: garage with a semi-recessed basement



Location: Bratislava-Petržalka, Starohájska Street

Investor: ITB Development, a.s., Imagine development

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Katarína Uhnáková, Drahan Petrovič

Study and project: 2011

Implementation: 2012 – 2013