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Nitra Diely

The architectural design is based on the division of the material urban layout of apartment buildings. There is no dominant landmark or reference point in the residential complex. From the architectural point of view, the aim is to complement the surrounding area with a high-quality architectural solution and create a pleasant balance between living and relaxation. The inner courtyard may be entered only through certain areas between the blocks where there are above-ground parking lots. Other courtyards are used mainly for the recreation and relaxation of both residents and visitors. Front gardens with a certain degree of privacy should in turn create a pleasant environment for ground floor apartments. In the apartments on the upper floors, integrated greenery on the balconies and terraces is being considered. The apartment design includes balconies overlooking the Zobor forest steppe and the historic city centre.

Number of floors above ground: 4 + 1 recessed
Number of underground floors: 1
Number of apartments: 265
Number of parking spaces: 319



Location: Nitra

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Branislav Groch, Júlia Jackulíková, Emanuel Zatlukaj

Collaboration: Miroslav Šabla, Katarína Frivaldská, Katarína Hrvolová, Adam Galvánek, Miroslava Šišková

Study and project: 2017 – 2018

Implementation: 2019