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This project of family apartment houses is situated on the outskirts of Záhorská Bystrica, only a 15-minute car drive from the centre of Bratislava. Greenery plays an important role in the project. A characteristic element is, in particular, the vertical gardens on the hanging grate, which, in addition to adding an aesthetic dimension, also protect the apartments from excessive heat.

The other walls are overgrown with greenery from three cardinal directions, with plant species selected for each of them to perfectly handle the conditions of each direction. In the centre of an enclosed courtyard there is a tree that represents a kind of "totem" of the building. The project also includes space for community gardens where local residents can grow their own vegetables and fruits. The layout of the façades is designed so that future residents can participate in the design process and have a say in the shape and size of the window or balcony.


98 one to four-room apartments
parking in underground garages accessible by a lift



Location: Bratislava – Záhorská Bystrica, Pod vŕškami

Investor: ISPK, s.r.o.

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Juraj Murín, Aleš Hradecký, Imrich Vaško, Branislav Groch

Collaboration: Teodor Pongó, Jakub Vydra, Júlia Jackulíková

Landscape and garden architecture: Ing. Vojtěch Urban

Study and project: 2017

Execution: 2018 – 2020