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I. P. Pavlova

The project of fundamental reconstruction of residential houses in Prague’s Vinohrady into an administrative building allowed the preservation of only the street façades and the entrance hall due to the emergency condition of the original Art Nouveau and eclectic buildings. The historical façade now hides modern administrative areas.

The central location with intensive traffic and almost no space for establishing the construction site, the structurally sophisticated building and the strict monument protection of a generally well-known building had placed extraordinary demands on the reconstruction’s implementers. Although the internal structures of the trio of adjacent buildings had to be completely replaced by new ones, it was possible to save valuable fragments of the historic interiors and install them in the suspended glass display case that dominates the lobby. The corner tower was designed and implemented as an exact replica of the original structure.


7,000 mof offices and conference halls

1,500 mof commercial premises

4 underground parking floors



Location: I. P. Pavlova Square 5, Prague, Czech Republic

Investor: Bouygues Bâtiment, Paris

Authors: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šebo, Ing. arch. Viktor Šabík

Implementation: 2003