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The family house is cleverly placed into the hillside, in order to not seem massive. Thanks to the large glazed areas, the garden becomes a part of the interior and creates a strong atmosphere. Three terraces offer views of the garden and the city.

The shape of the house was created intuitively, based on an interview with the client and the proper placement of the house on the property. The living room with a fireplace was the first to get a location; the terraces were added in relation to the living room. The house’s architecture was determined by a combination of spatial stratification and limitation resulting from the building code (the property has a width of 12 metres), the scale of the environment and restrictions due to lighting technology. Another interesting feature is the solution of the height difference between the street, located three metres below the property level, which provided an elegant implementation of the garage with a green roof.


Ground floor from the street: garage

1st above ground floor: living room, kitchen and dining room, which is formed by a continuous space separable from the staircase by a sliding door.

2nd above ground floor: three bedrooms, kitchen

3rd above ground floor: office, terrace



Location: Bratislava, Koliba

Investor: Private person

Authors: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šebo, Tatiana Šebová, Ing. arch. Štefan Onofrej

Description: 2010 – 2012