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The double house is located between a golf course and a forest, on a piece of land with a view of Lomnický štít. The architectural concept cites classic forms of original architecture, complemented by the emphasis on the view and use of natural local materials.

The double house serves as a recreational building for two families. It consists of two parallel wings set in a slope, connected by a passageway with a partial basement. The buildings’ pediments are directed towards the Tatras. The south wing has one floor and a full basement. The north wing has two floors and a partial basement. A five-room flat, storeroom and a wellness area are located in both. Both wings and the passageway are covered with a gable roof. The building’s façades are covered with stone and wood, with sliding wooden shutters and protruding framework.



Location: Veľká Lomnica, Vysoké Tatry

Investor: Private person

Authors: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šebo, Mgr. arch. Igor Lichý,

Ing. arch. Emanuel Zatlukaj, Ing. arch. Juraj Mihálik

Study: 2014