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The local café building is located in the heart of Limbach near Pezinok. It was created through significant reconstruction of the original small building of the local fruit and vegetable store, which had not served its purpose for a long time. The architectural concept of the simple-shaped two-floor building consists of the creation of a unified functional unit in the urbanism of the municipality with several levels of visual-functional connections between the interior and exterior.

On the one hand, there are the visual connections of the corner of the building – on the ground floor the visitors are welcomed by bar facilities on the access road, while the upper floor opens the interior with a view of the village centre and the Little Carpathians with typical vineyards at their foot.
The second level consists of the visual axis: street – café section – private terrace – greenery in the background. Different levels of privacy of public spaces alternate here.

The last level of the visual link is formed by a suspended wooden façade grid, which is inspired by the local vineyard tradition. It creates a characteristic visual filter between the interior and exterior.

The layout is straightforward – half of the ground floor consists of facilities and the bar, and the other half is an open café with access from the parterre. The above-ground floor offers a variable space with the possibility of joining and dividing it according to need.


5 parking places
2 floors about the ground



Location: Limbach, Slovakia 

Investor: Pacamara s. r. o.

Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Juraj Murín, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Imrich Vaško, Jakub Vydra

Cooperation: Martina Ďurčeková, Adam Jurga

Interior design: Ateliér v podkroví, Eva Horváthová, Zuzana Haláková

Study and project: 2017 – 2018

Implementation: 2018 – 2020