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The Wallenrod administrative building has an exclusive location in the centre of the city in the middle of a city block built-up area. The building is the headquarters of a development company and the Architekti Šebo Lichý architectural studio. It symbolizes contact with nature and the philosophy of a modern work environment.

The humane scale of the building is an alternative to large administrative centres. The building’s greatest innovation is the green façade, for which the architectural studio even obtained an industrial patent. The reason is that this is an original solution that was created specifically for the needs of this building. Greenery is the dominant feature of the entire building. In addition to the vertical garden on the facade, it pervades the entrance hall, but also the roof of the ground floor in the courtyard section where a green terrace is located.


3 below ground floors

48 parking spaces

Ground floor: commercial operations

7 above ground floors: offices of various companies



Location: Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Mickiewiczova street

Investor: ITB Perspective, s.r.o.

Authors: Ing. arch. Tomáš ŠeboMgr. arch. Igor Lichý,

Ing. arch. Emanuel ZatlukajIng. arch. Peter Novotný

Description: 2011 – 2012